Day Three of the WWA World Wakeboard Championships

Day Three of the WWA World Wakeboard Championships Filled With Top-Notch Riding

The weekend has started and a massive amount of people came out to watch the WWA World Wakeboard Championships, pulled by Malibu Boats. The riding has stepped up a bit as the Jr. Men, Pro Women, and Pro Men quarterfinals went underway. In Jr. Men, two Americans Austin Hair and Adam Errington got first in their heats, and Barrett Perlman had the best slider crash with the possibility of Dallas Friday not competing after a huge slider stack. After a Frisbee free-for-all, three heats of the Pro Men quarterfinals competed, with excellent slider passes by Josh Sanders, Shane Bonifay, and more. Tomorrow is the biggest day in the sport of wakeboarding with the world champions of Pro Men, Pro Women, and Jr. Men to be awarded.



Pro Men’s Quarterfinals Heat 1:
1- Josh Sanders AUS
2- Chris O’Shea AUS
3- Derek Grasman USA
4- Scotty Broome AUS
5- Kevin Henshaw CDN
6- Ryoji Yanagawa JPN

Pro Men’s Quarterfinals Heat 2:
1- Brett Eisenhauer AUS
2- Danny Harf USA
3- Dean Smith AUS
4- Keith Lidberg USA
5- Chad Sharpe CDN
6- Greg Falzon AUS
7- Philip Combs USA

Pro Women’s Semi Finals Heat 1:
1- Emily Copeland-Durham USA
2- Andrea Fountain NZL
3- Yvette Walker AUS
4- Laura Lohrmann USA


Pro Women’s Semi Finals Heat 2:
1- Melissa Marquardt USA
2- Amber Wing AUS
3- Yoshiko Ishimaru JPN
4- Danae Heggen AUS

Pro Women’s Semi Finals Heat 3:
1- Hayley Smith AUS 2- Kiyomi Suzuki JPN
3- Ayako Miyazaki JPN
4- Barrett Perlman USA

Pro Women’s Semi Finals Heat 4:
1- Lauren Loe USA
2- Dallas Friday USA
3- Sally Grice AUS
4- Marcey Wellstead AUS