Best In Wake 2005

Orlando, FL – More than 600 industry gurus packed themselves into room 320 at the Orange County Convention Center on Saturday evening, September 17th, to experience the second annual Wake Awards ceremony, thrown by Wake Boarding Magazine, the sport’s leading publication.

14 Wake Awards were presented with five nominees recognized for each category. Free drinks were a hit again this year and flowed smoothly as musicians “Braided Funk” ripped all night long on the main stage.

The master-of-many-things-including-tonight’s-ceremony, Jeff Barton, eloquently lit up the microphone all night and also delivered the coveted WBMA chalices to their respective winners.


More than 20 top industry veterans presented the awards, providing additional entertainment, and speeches from the award-winning wakeboarders and wakeskaters were gracious and comedic as well.

Winning top honor for “Best Wakeboarder” was Danny Harf for his overall performance in the last 365 days. “Danny has defined what ‘Best Wakeboarder’ is all about,” said Kevin Michael, Senior Editor of WakeBoarding Magazine and co-producer of the Wake Awards. “He excels in every aspect of the sport, he earns great exposure and is committed to the sport on a daily basis. People are happy to see him have such a successful year and we were honored to present Danny with this title.”

“I was shocked because Best Wakeboarder is a big title,” Harf said, “To stand up there and accept that award was a big honor, especially since Parks won it last year. To be recognized as one of the best wakeboarders along with Parks is a great feeling, it was tight.”


2005 WBM Wake Awards Results

Readers Poll (presented by Nick & Julz Heaney)
Womens – Dallas Friday
Wakeskate – Danny Hampson
Wakeboard – Danny Harf

“On Point” Award (presented by Todd Hicks & Parks Bonifay)
Kevin Henshaw


Rail Master (presented by Pat Panakos and Ryan Doyle)
Shane Bonifay

Best Wake Rider (presented by Zane Schwenk & Jeff Heer)
Danny Harf

Best Photographer (presented by Daniel Watkins & Brett Eisenhauer)
Josh Letchworth


Best Video (presented by Shane Bonifay & Jack Blodgett)
Relentless/Encore – Liquid Force Films

Best Video Section (presented by Ryan Lamos and Danno The Manno)
Shawn Watson/Justin Stephens — Relentless

Legend Award (presented by Nick Weinacker & Scott Byerly)
Shaun Murray

Best Wakeskater (presented by Don Wallace & Thomas Horrell)
George Daniels

Move of the Year: Wakeboarding (presented by Chris Bischoff & Kevin Michael)
Rusty Malinoski – Back board, back lip to fakie – 45-foot Fox Gap

Move of the Year: Wakeskating (presented by Sam Ratto & Jim Leatherman)
Aaron Reed – Backside big spin, wake-to-wake

Best Wakeboarder (presented by Dallas Friday & Sonja Scheffler)
Danny Harf

Special thanks to MasterCraft, O’Neill, the WSIA and Fox Riders Co. for sponsoring the 2005 WBM Wake Awards.

For more information on the Wake Awards check or contact Wake Boarding Magazine at 407-628-4802.