Tricks For Cash– $500 Breakdown

Tricks For Cash — Online Bonus Feature

Cash Breakdown




(photo:kevco == action:doster)

OWC — 4/15/2004


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Kyle Hyams — $20 Shuv out


George Daniels (age 17) — $20 Ollie onto flat rail

Clint Tompkins — $20 Nose press

George Daniels — $30 Flats kickflip


Clint Tompkins — $40 360 Shuv on

Phillip Basino (age 17) — $20 360 spin over top rail

Kyle Hyams — $40 360 Shuv over camo ramp

Phillip Basino — $40 Switch heelside frontside 540 spin over camo ramp

George Daniels — $40 Most shuvits in one lap (20)

Justin Henson — $20 Roof start

Clint Tompkins — $40 Kickflip onto box

Clint Tompkins — $40 Switch frontside big spin 360 shuv out

Brian Grubb — $80 Biggest air off kicker (split $40 with Zak Stone for second place)

Best Move: John Ruark — $50 Indy backside big spin


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