Asterisk* — An All-Wakeskate Film

January 7, 2004

(all photos: letchworth)

On February 15th, a gift will be dropped on the wakeskating world in the form of a feature film, including nine of today’s best riders throwing down on a private reservoir with no limits. “I wanted the perfect location with plenty to do in an all-wakeskate environment, an environment aching to push these guys into the next phase,” Producer Justin Stephens said. “And I had the perfect spot here in Las Vegas. The guys didn’t know exactly where we were going, but they knew I wanted to get a place with no pressure, just riding.”

The tactic of peer pressure was definitely used to push things and Stephens knew it would work. “I think that the most progressive moments come when you are with your friends riding and you are in the boat or on the shoreline aching to participate. That is how I tried to set this whole thing up and that is how it was the entire time. I think even non-wakeskaters will enjoy it just because it has the best athletes in the sport doing what they do best,” he said.


Thomas Horrell

Scott Byerly

Aaron Reed


Brian Grubb

Danny Hampson

Steve Wahlman


Drew McGuckin

Brandon Thomas

Daniel Lovett


Keep your eyes open for the April issue of WBM, featuring more about Asterisk and the sickest photos from the trip taken by Josh Letchworth. There are plenty of single shots and sequences that will blow your mind. It hits the newsstand in late February, but subscribers get their hands on it about two weeks earlier.

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[Watch Teaser Of Asterisk]( Teaser (5 MB)

Look for Asterisk in stores on 2/15 or pre-order from Ally Distribution at (888) 692-6273.

Asterisk is sponsored by Cassette Wakeskates, Hyperlite Wakeskates, Kampus Wakeskates, DVS Footwear,, WakeBoarding Magazine and Oakley. Album Films (formerly Cadmium Productions) is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other current projects include “Relentless”, Liquid Force’s new team video. Past films include Running With Scissors, Boombox, and Metronome. For more information about Album Films, visit their website at


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