FORWARD THINKING Growing up I was taught to think with passion and act on it. Trusting his soul, my dad invested a lot to make the first Hyperlite wakeboard in 1991. Four years ago I took over as the Hyperlite product/team manager and have tried to carry on this same tradition of forward thinking. My focus has been on working with riders that have the same idea for where the sport is going and, most importantly, product development. Every year our product line gets a little bit bigger and our team gets deeper but, the freedom for progression is still common. Right now our team is the most diverse it has ever been with their varied riding styles and expectations of new designs. They all have their own vision and are perfectionists when it comes to their specific product line. If it has the Hyperlite name on it you can be assured it was tried and tested by our riders and our R&D team. We continually try different variations year round - not two months before a brochure photo shoot. From Daniel's new Premier board, to Scott's refined finless, to Shaun's new Belmont binding, to Ricky's new Gonzalez fin, no other product line is closer to the soul of wakeboarding. We hope you enjoy this year's product line as much as we enjoyed creating it. Paul O'Brien