O’Brien Wakeboards Cartel 141 2007

January 1, 2007

Who it’s good for:

The Cartel is designed for the intermediate- to pro-level rider who likes a fast, free-riding board. The Cartel’s three-stage rocker provides a vertical boost off the wake – but it’s definitely fast enough to satisfy anyone who likes to take it into the flats.

How it rides:


The Cartel is a fast, nearly drag-free board. Its low-volume rail makes it super easy to get a lot of board in the water for superior line tension at the wake. The wide mid-body and abrupt three-stage rocker will boot you, and the Delta bottom releases like no other.

Special features:

1. Delta Bottom: Chevron pattern at tips reduces drag on the water and makes the board release more cleanly.


2. V-spine: The Cartel has a small center spine, perfectly sized to smooth out the landings without sacrificing the board’s performance.

3. Variable beveled edges: Soft in the middle for smooth turns, and sharper toward the tip for incredible edge hold.

4. Full-length step-down rail: Low-volume rail lets you sink the edge easily for superior line tension.


5. Super-thin profile: CAD-analyzed geometry for the lightest board profile available.

Level: Intermediate-advanced

Edge Transition:Middle


Edge Hold:Solid edge

Pop:Straight up, wake to wake



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