O'Brien Wakeboards Vixen 137 2004

Name: Dallas Friday
Age: 17 Years riding: 4
Height: 5¿2¿¿ Weight: 109
Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Board: O¿Brien Vixen 137

Sticker placement strategy: Different every time

Foot size: 6.5 Binding size: X-Small
Goofy or regular: Regular

Width of stance: One in is most comfortable

Stance angles: Duck

Stance relative to board: Centered

Binding style: I like lime green and they lace up.

Fins: 1.5¿ Rainbow fins

Rope length: 80 feet

Handle of choice: Hardline foam grip

Annual board consumption: Five

Choice of lubrication: Shaving cream

Slider of choice: Kicker ¿ I like to get air.

Best way to carry all your stuff: Have my boyfriend carry it.

Tricks of the trade: Being consistent and riding a few times a week

What type of rider would like your board? All skill-level riders

What changes did you make for this year? It¿s my first pro model.

What performance characteristics do you look for? A lot of pop, and a bigger board for softer landings

Sponsors: O¿Brien, Malibu Boats, Fox Racing, Smith Optics, Bare Wetsuits, Boss Towers, Leadheadz, Performance Ski & Surf, DFMF