O’Brien Wakeboards Vision 135 2004

Name: Josh Sanders
Age: 21 Years riding: 9
Height: 5¿9¿¿ Weight: 175
Hometown: Nowra, Australia

Board: Vision 135 O¿Brien

Sticker placement strategy: Best sponsors, bigger placement


Foot size: 9 Binding size: Large
Goofy or regular: Regular

Width of stance: All the way out

Stance angles: 9 degrees off center, ducked


Binding style: Ions

Fins: .9¿¿

Rope length: 78 feet


Handle of choice: Nevin

Annual board consumption: 10

Choice of lubrication: Newt Juice


Slider of choice: A-frame

Best way to carry all your stuff: Wheelie O¿Brien board bag

Trick of the trade: Patience

What type of rider would like your board? Aggressive intermediate to beginner

What board changes did you make for this year? Molded-in fins, wider, cool graphic

How will those changes affect how the board rides? Tracks better, lands smoother and pops better

What performance characteristics do you look for ? Continuous rocker, width, fin configuration

Sponsors: O¿Brien, Supra, Red Bull, GM-Vortec, Chevy, LX Eyewear, Nevin, Performance