O'Brien Wakeboards Demented 136 2004

Darin Shapiro

Board: O¿Brien Demented 136 (Cirrus Core or regular)
Bindings: O¿Brien Systems (small)
Shoe Size: 8
Boat: Malibu VLX
Rope: Straightline Viper, 78 feet
Stance: One in; I¿m 5¿4¿ so that¿s still pretty wide
Fins: 0.9 Demented

If you could have a board with one characteristic, what would it be?
Consistency, so every time you make a turn and edge to the wake you know what you¿re going to get.

What characteristic makes a board the most consistent?
Continuous rocker. It¿s the most controllable type of ride. My board is a progressive continuous, meaning it¿s continuous between the feet, and as you get farther toward the tip and tail it¿s more exaggerated.

How do you feel your board works with the wake you¿re riding?
I have a VLX with a wake that has a longer transition. It¿s got a lip for takeoff but the rest of the transition is rampier but not steep. It allows my board to ride up the wake and control my takeoff consistently. I think there is a lot less control when you get into 3-stage rocker combined with a steeper wake.

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