Liquid Force Womens Fusion 2007

Last year we introduced comfortable support and adjustability when we introduced the Fusion. This year we’re expanding the line and introducing the Women’s Fusion. The fit and styling has been designed from the ground up to match a woman’s needs and tastes, yet the performance and ease of use remains the same. Designed to be used by you and your friends, yet strong enough to support your continued improvement behind the boat… grab a Fusion and get ready for some serious good times!

Sewn Overlay/ Integrated Stretch Zone

-Maximum support with flex and release where desired.

New Lycra/Neoprene Toe and Heel Pieces designed for a woman’s foot and leg

-Soft and flexible to accommodate the size range you are looking for… super easy to get into.

Canted Foot Bed

-Your arch, foot, ankles, knees, and hips will thank you . . . as this foot bed holds your feet in position to align your body in the perfect landing position.

C3 EVA Foot Bed

-Canted for proper alignment, cupped for maximum hold, contoured for premium arch support, comfortable shock and pain free riding all day.


-New and improved composite design performs like some of the higher-end bindings in our line.

Side Mounted Hardware

-Allows liner to wrap up and around your foot, causing this boot to feel more like your favorite pair of shoes and less like wakeboard bindings of the past.