Liquid Force Watson open toe 2007

With the success of Watson’s Pro-Plate boot in ’06, one wondered how he could improve on this design… Shawn has brought us the answer in ’07….After trying Shane’s closed toe boot this season Shawn knew that he wanted something similar. He felt the dramatically increased leverage and edging power, as well as the precise edge control he got with the closed toe. What Shawn came up with for ’07 was a hybrid of sorts between his ’06 binding and Shane’s ’06 binding, but with plenty of new “Watson” features and improvements. Shawn’s new boot is still the stiffest boot in our line, and is now even taller and more supportive than before. Shawn helped redesign the Liquid Liner to make it fit better and increase the comfort. The depth of the heel kidneys were increased, giving your foot a better hold in the boot, and the upper cuff wraps around your calf more for a better all around fit. The boot that defined innovation, comfort and performance in 2006 has just gotten better thanks to Watson and the LF design crew… Look for this boot in the finest wake shops this fall…if you’re not a fan of the closed toe design, don’t worry… Shawn’s open toe design remains in our lineup and comes with all of the improvements Watson has incorporated into his closed toe design.

Newly redesigned Liquid Liner

-The original heat moldable 6D boot liner now comes with a re-sculpted upper cuff for extra comfort. 3 dimensional, 3 densities wrap around your foot, ankle and lower leg giving unimaginable comfort and support. No mechanisms needed to slide easily into this boot.


Now available with the new and improved 2007 Closed Toe Design

-Lower profile and better fit…Harnesses the energy and leverage lost by lifting your toes. Gives you powerful response directly to the board.

Anti Hardware Construction


-With zero hardware or screws this boot test stronger and is 20% lighter than anything else in the line

New and improved Heel Kidney’s

-Deeper, softer pocket for extra heel hold down


New Uni-directional stretch zone

-Sewn into the back of the boot to give you flex in the direction you need.

C5 EVA Foot Bed


-Canted for proper alignment. Cupped for maximum hold. Contoured for premium arch support. Helium impact zones for shock and pain free riding all day. X-rated texture for your gripping pleasure.

Helium Air-cell System

-The lightest materials available absorb impact and shock.

Dual Lace Zones

-Fine tune your desired feel, support and hold.

Padded Inner Cuff

-Padded for comfort and leg-friendly support.

Pro Plate

-2 Degree angular adjustment – Heel-toe adjustment – Optimized design to increase strength and stiffness while reducing the footprint and weight – stiffest plate on the market – Hi-strength corrugated Aluminum.