Liquid Force Venture 5-6 2007

Made for the flat days or first timers to enjoy the push of a wake and experience the stoke of surfing. With a wide profile and thick rails this super stable shape incorporates a three fin setup with single to double concave allowing it to maneuver like a smaller surfer.

Wide Squash Tip and Tail

-Generates speed and lift that releases clean.

Removable Glass Center Fin

-Allows you to tune in your surfer for the locked in feel or loose days.

Surf Side Fins

-Grip hard to make tight surf slayshes. Releases for spins.

Variable Edges

-Sharpens as it nears the tail to lock and hold when weight is transferred into the edging position.

Single to Double Concave

-Channels water through hull to generate speed and lift making it easier to stay in the pocket.

20mm Kick Tail w/ 10mm EVA Arch support

-Locked and loaded for drive and fins out lip slides.