Liquid Force Team Comp 2007

The name fits as well as the vest. This model has had input from every team rider and has the features to prove it. Less is more. By reducing the stitching and cleaning up the back panel we’ve added 20% more flexibility. Ride it and feel the increased flex characteristics from the softer EVA foam back and segmented foam front panel. Join the team and benefit from its lightweight performance features.

Liquid Tunes Pocket

-A specifically designed pouch for your MP3 player.

Stitchless Back Panel

-20% more flex with no hang ups. Softer EVA foam fitting comfort.

Segmented EVA Front Panels

-Ergonomic flex patterns to move with you not against you.

Oversized Arm Holes

-Extra space and comfort for added mobility

Heavy Duty Zipper

-Secure solid hold

Mesh Drain Holes

-Releases water for light weight function

Hidden Straps

-Clean and simple. No snags on handle passes.