Liquid Force Omega 143 2007

The perfect foundation for progression…the Omega is smooth and simple, just what you need at this level. Catch free with nothing holding you back. Inspired by a more aggressive board we simply turned down the volume for a consistent and reliable shape made to elevate the masses.

Scalloped Diamond Tail

-Extended hold up the wake increases the pop off the tail.

Variable Edges

-There’s no catch - Soft in the middle - Forgiving when neutral, spins faster off the wake, land still spinning - Sharpens as it nears the tail - Locks and holds edge into the water when weight is transferred into the edging position.

Molded Canted Fins

-Easier to get board on edge. Helps the board initiate turns and hold better switch stance, toeside, and heelside. Solid and consistent tracking from any side. Long and shallow for quick release when needed. No drag

Pop Rock

-A manageable 3-stage rocker that is fast and consistent off the wake.

Sculpted top deck w/ Flex enhancers

-Light weight, stiffens snap and response