Liquid Force Melissa 134 2007

Melissa continues to impress us with her design ideas and she’s done it again this year. Having had more to do with product design than almost any other LF rider, guy or girl, Melissa is constantly seeking products that will allow the woman rider to progress and have fun doing so. Her new board carries in the continuous rocker tradition of the Trip and her previous board, the Angel. The rocker line has been increased, and the rail line has been softened in the center for extra forgiveness. Melissa’s new shape was designed from the ground up to fit her needs. It’s the first women’s board designed exclusively with her ideas and input she’s received from other high end riders. Gone are the days of sticking a girl’s graphic on a guy’s board. The Melissa truly is a board designed to take women’s riding to the next level! (Available in 130, 134 &138) **See also the Melissa Bindings.

Aggressive Continuous Rocker

-Smooth, fluid carves with a high arcing pop.

Modern Bat Tail

-Fuller than the original for more lift off the water and tucked-in tips for quick transitions.

D.I.S.C Hull

-Double Inside Single Concave—softens landings and maintains board speed.

Variable Edge Rail

-Rolled edge through midsection becoming sharper as it moves towards the tips—forgiving, catch-free through the center, hard-cutting and fast off the tail.

Low Volume Rails

-Faster on edge, deeper hold in turns.

Molded-in Warped Long-based Side Fins

-Superior tracking with minimum drag and slider-strong.