Liquid Force Control 43 2007

So you want to shred like Danny Hampson and the rest of our pro wakeskate team, yet want something a little more forgiving than the skates they ride? Our Control wakeskates are what you’re looking for. This skate utilizes exclusive catch-free variable edges to make spins and lip tricks easier than ever and comes equipped with a special LF-inspired EVA grip pattern for a premium grip. The CNC milled Control Skates will stick with your feet as you progress making every level of trick easier to master, yet the foam top will make the learning curve a bit less painful.

Asymmetrical Shape

-Increases ollie control creates a true skate feel.

Variable Edge

-More forgiving and round at the center, sharper at the tail. Releases easy for spins and lip tricks.

3D Concave Top Deck

-Shaped to lock your feet in an aggressive ollie position as well as provide heel toe response.

Marine Grade Epoxy Outer Seal

-12 step process that keeps the elements out.

Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker

-Super serious ollie power.

Molded Foam Grip

-Friction enhancing construction to defy gravity.