Liquid Force Armada 41 2007

January 1, 2007

For the skater using the wake like a favorite launch ramp, this high end skate is perfect for you. Molded-in fin channels add to the tracking capabilities and stability when going wake to wake. There is no substitute for the smooth release of our variable edge rails. For 2007 we’ve dialed in the weight–allowing the board to stay with you easier in the air–and stiffened the snap for even more control and response. Equipped with an aggressive rocker and contoured/kicked deck this skate will pop with you and take you where you want to go.

Compression Molded Construction

-Maximum durability and increased speed for a wake to wake feel.


New and improved weight lay-up

-weight distributed inside the board to give a more controlled feel and to make advanced tricks rotate quicker.

3D Concave Top Deck


-Shaped to lock your feet in an aggressive ollie position as well as provide increased

heel/toe response.

Molded Fin Channels


-Easier to get board on edge. Deep center tip slot with high sidewalls gives fin-like tracking control and focused ollie pop.

Variable Edge Rails

-Releases on demand for a snow style, edge to edge feel.


Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker

-Super serious ollie power.

Molded Foam Grip

-Friction enhancing construction to defy gravity.


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