Liquid Force Team 39 2003

While riders like Gregg and Shane started on the Trip and made it famous, they eventually created their own versions of their ideal board based off of the Trip. All along, though, several of our riders have stayed loyal to the Trips . This season, Cody Hall and some of the other loyalists wanted us to make a supercharged version of their favorite ride. The next generation of the Trip, A.K.A., the Super Trip. They basically wanted us to make the Trip more explosive off the wake. They wanted a Trip on steroids. What they came up with was the Team board. We call it that because it was team inspired and is a shape that nearly every one of our riders has had something to do with. Melissa, Cody, Shane, Gregg... they've all helped design this series. The unique tail shape, the bottom design, the tail ramp and the simple graphic are all team inspired. You've always wanted to be on our team, and now we're giving you a chance.