Liquid Force Substance 41 2003

When Shawn began brainstorming about this design, his ideas were all over the map. One thing he knew, though, was that he wanted a board that would be more precise than his former pro model. While working on the new designs, he and Jimmy began to realize that his new shape was not only going to be better for him, but for the general rider as well. The new shape they were coming up with sat a bit lower in the water, still bucked off the wake like the Helix, yet edged with ease. The results were pretty obvious to them and now they will be to the rest of the world. In Shawn's first month of riding a production version of his new shape, he won the WWA Nationals. His riding has become more explosive, more fluid and he's having the time of his life on his Substance. You may not win Nationals on this board, but we guarantee each session will feel like a winning performance.