2010 Jetpilot GameChanger Rideshort


Jetpilot has just released a boardshort so unique and innovative that the company placed it into an entirely new category it calls rideshorts.

Appropriately named The GameChanger, the new rideshort features a removable 1.5-mm Flex-Lite wetsuit liner under its ultra-light stretch nylon outer. The inner wetsuit liner can easily zip in or out along a recessed zipper line at the bottom section of the waistband.

“The GameChanger is something that was designed to satisfy the needs and desires of our broad group of athletes as well as our consumer following,” says Brian Jellig, chief designer on The GameChanger project. “The result is something entirely new and fresh. The bottom line is that The GameChanger is much more than just a very stretchy boardshort. This is a full blown invention, plain and simple.”

The new Jetpilot GameChanger Rideshort has multiple advantages over conventional boardshorts. When the inner Flex-Lite liner is installed, it provides added warmth, complete rash protection and comfort. It also can be paired up with a wetsuit top for a modern day version of the spring suit. Or, by simply zipping out the wetsuit liner, The GameChanger can then be utilized as a technical performance boardshort during a session or just hanging out at the beach, by the pool or on a boat.