Hyperlite Jade 2009

The Jade series takes the next step in toeside engineering, enabling riders to advance their skills much quicker than before. Its top deck includes the first-ever toeside footbed riser. This feature quickens response time when initiating a toe side carve while requiring less pressure for a strong edge hold into the wake. The base of the Jade features toeside channel extensions further enhancing edging and control. This new series also features four removable fins, two .8' fins on your heel side and two 1.3' fins on your toeside. This fin combination adds even stronger toeside edge control, but can be changed out with the included extra set of .8' fins once you have mastered the toe side edge. The Jade series also includes a variable edge design, transitioning from a softer edge in the mid-section to a sharp and eventually turned down rail at the tip and tail. Finally, the subtle three-stage rocker allows for smooth carving and large pop without causing unwanted drag.