Hyperlite State 125 2007

Riding Style:

The State series is a shape that you don’t have to learn how to ride. The features let a boarder determine their own style. This series is the building block to the rest of the high-end line.


• An asymmetric shape allowing a rider to stand

higher up the wake on their toeside edge with

increased leverage on their heelside rail.

• Deeper molded-in toeside fins set a harder

cut, shallower molded-in heelside fins create a

quicker release.

• Outer stabilizers create a more stable ride and

help a rider recover from off unstable landings.

• A snappy 3-stage rocker with a full-length “V”

bottom tunnel helps break up the water for

cushioned landings.


• 2 – 1.1” A-Wing