Hyperlite Drive 134 2007

Riding Style:

A new, re-cut version of the shape that debuted last year. For 2007 the Drive series is thinner, lighter, and all improved. With its four 10º angled fins and a subtle 3-stage rocker, the Drive is built for speed and pop. Combined with a thinner profile

for added flex, this series makes the “next step” in wakeboarding an easy transition. Pro model speed and pop at a reasonable price.


• This series guarantees to get you speed whether you like to set your board edge with a big lean or subtle heel/toe pressure.

• Built to carry your tricks out farther in the flats with as little drag as possible.

• Re-Cut Concave top deck creates a more responsive heel/toe transfer.

• Thinner profile to create a lighter feel

• 10 degree angled fins hold a strong edge without riding tight on the water or off the wake.


• 4 - 1.0” P-Wing