Hyperlite Byerly 132 2006

Riding Style:

The ultimate board for shorter cuts and more hang time.

Creates a lot of speed in a short distance – doesn’t set as hard of an edge for tricks out into the flats like some of our other boards, but creates a quicker edge transfer.


Flow Thru rail technology creates the quickest edge transfer of any of our high-end shapes.

Concave top deck creates a more responsive heel/toe transfer along with pronounced cupped rails.

Deep molded-in fins set a firm edge transmit and edge hold.

A pronounced center beam helps push out the water for super soft landings even for riders that land more centered.

Explosive 3-stage boot.

Vented channels add a faster glide.

Matt black top sheet with silk screened art and Byerly emblem crystal cap.

Designed by Scott Bouchard and Scott Byerly.