Hyperlite Blur 134 2006

Riding Style:

Preferred by advanced female riders that demand a quicker board with less drag. A series that you don’t have to have extreme edge angle with to go faster on. Regardless of the trick the Blur has the speed and the iridescent top sheet look to get her there.


Hyperlite’s quickest rocker line naturally has more effective edge in the water – so a rider doesn’t have an exaggerated body position.

Longer sessions with reduced drag, and further tricks with our fast arc.

A kinked tip/tail stands high enough to ride up the steepest of wakes.

Our most subtle rocker line throughout the middle section has an abrupt arc towards the end of the deck similar to the 3DS. Concave top deck creates a more responsive heel/toe transfer.

10 degree angled fins hold a strong edge without riding tight on the water or off the wake.

Designed and tested by “The Line”