Hyperlite Temet Series DNA 2004

Name: Shaun B. Murray
Age: 27 Years riding: 9
Height: 5¿6¿¿ Weight: 145
Hometown: Narcoosee, Florida

Board: Hyperlite Temet 138.1

Sticker placement strategy: Fit ¿em all

Foot size: 8.5 Binding size: Small
Goofy or regular: Regular

Width of stance: All the way out. The wider the stance the more you can squat down with your chest up.

Stance angles: More angle on the front foot

Binding style: Temet

Fins: .8¿ P-wing, wider settings on nose to track better ¿ riding switch ¿ loose tail for more fun.

Rope length : 80 feet

Handle of choice: Carbon

Annual board consumption: No idea

Choice of lubrication: Newt Juice

Slider of choice: A-frame -- 20¿ up, 20¿ top, 20¿ down, 5¿ high in the center

Best way to carry all your stuff: Ocean and earth travel bags (Shaun Murray International Series)

Trick of the trade: Have fun or get off the water.

What type of rider would like your board? Can go big wake to wake and continuous rocker makes for consistent and smooth riding.

What board changes did you make for this year? Asymmetrical tip and tail

How will those changes affect how the board rides? I ride different switch versus regular. The tip fns are set out farther for better tracking and the tail fins are closer in for a looser, more fun feel. The belly is spooned out for smoother landings and the ribs on the bottom allow for quick edge changes even with the belly bottom.

Sponsors: Hyperlite, Nautiques, Fox, Jet Pilot, LX Eyewear, Reef, Performance, theboardingschool.com