Hyperlite Premier Series Biolite 2004

Name: Danny Harf
Age: 18 Years riding: 10
Height: 6¿ Weight: 180
Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Board: 141 Hyperlite Premier ¿ Dope yo!

Sticker placement strategy: No strategy, just pure speed


Foot size: 10 Binding size: Medium-large
Goofy or regular: Goofy

Width of stance: All the way out

Stance angles: ¿Yeah, that looks about right.¿


Stance relative to board: On top

Binding style: Byerly¿s

Fins: Two 1.1¿¿ molded outer fins


Rope length: 87 feet

Handle of choice: Accurate Premier

Annual board consumption: 10-15


Choice of lubrication: Castrol GTX ¿ environmentally friendly

Slider of choice: Pointless Productions

Best way to carry all your stuff: Board bag by Hyperlite

Tricks of the trade: Hold on tight!

What type of rider would like your board? Anybody

What board changes did you make for this year? Wider tip and tail, longer molded fins, flat center, better step-down rail, new base

How will those changes affect how the board rides? More stability on the water

What performance characteristics do you look for? Ride the Premier ¿ just like that!

Sponsors: Hyperlite, Fox, Nautiques, Chevy Trucks, Vortec Engines, Spy, Billabong, Capix, Reef