Hyperlite TFD 136 Biolite 2003

The goal of the TFD series was to take the feel of the old Drifter/Project shape and update it with all of the new features of the latest Hyperlite boards. We gave the board a step down rail, deep tunnel, 6 degree winged fins, a deeper center beam and a wider tip/tail profile. Keep the feel of the continuous rocker, but add just a little more boot than the old shape.
For my style of riding I want a predictable ride up the kicker with a quick overall feel. A board, that when I set it on rail hooks up fast for a stronger edge into the wake. The angled fins give the feel I was looking for, but doesn't make the board feel as tight on the water.

I think we met the challenge, that's why it is the TFD,
-Chad Sharpe

The TFD combines a smooth rocker line with an aggressive edging style on the water and a sense of forgiveness on landings. A new fast action carver for riders on the go.