Hyperlite Premier 135 DNA 2003

My board has to be able to hold true all the way up the wake, and give me the right pop and release I need. The Premier does everything well. It's a combination of some different boards for jibbing, spinning, going inverted and just getting booted. I like a board that's not too edgy or too mellow - a smooth pop that still has meat off the double ups. My board is for riders that want to do a wake jump crail grab into the flats, to a nose grind on a flat bar and a heelside cab 900 off the double up, or at least try to.
This year I just wanted my graphics raw. I worked with Hyperlite making sure I got all of my favorites in there.

Put the hammer down,
-Danny Harf

Created for skate influenced riders looking for a universal ride on the water or PVC. A link between the snap of a three-stage with the feel of a continuous rocker. Created for young riders that like the most explosive pop and a moderate overall feel. Not too edgy - not too mellow. The way this series hooks on rails or releases off the wake might make it the "premier" board.