Hyperlite Parks 133 DNA 2003

In the last 2 years I won the Gravity Games on the Project 142, filmed for the Pointless video on the Premier, and won the 2001 pro tour title on a Byerly. With my own ride I got to put all of my tricks into one. I wanted a board that bucked like no other. It still had to land soft. I also like a board that hauls ass.
What we worked on the most was blending a combination of styles. Boards that edge hard usually feel tight on the water. I wanted a ride that felt mellow thru the transition, but once it was on rail it had to hook up super hard - 11 degree fins. The winged fins give the board a mellower feel on the water, but when I'm on rail it's the strongest hold of any board I have ever ridden.

You know how we do it,
-Parks Bonifay

Designed for riders looking for firm transitions into the wake and our most explosive 3-stage pop. The Parks series rides so different than any other Hyperlite board because of its strong characteristics on and off the water. Ready to conquer any challengers.