Hyperlite Byerly 137 DNA 2003

January 1, 2003

In the last three years Scott Bouchard and I have designed eight different shapes with Hyperlite. The designs we’ve come up with have helped create the idea for the Premier series and the Parks series, plus boards from some of the other guys. We know what works, and we’re always trying to come up with the freshest ideas.
I didn’t want to change my shape for this year because my line of boards does everything I was looking for. My board gets so much traction from the deep molded-in outer fins, cupped rails, and the two-tier rail. A Byerly board has a lot of grip, but it still releases quickly off the wake because the center fin is only 1.2″ deep. My pro model still has the “Byerly pop”, explosive, abrupt, whatever you want to call it – it suits my style. It also lands a lot softer with the center beam in the middle.

Scott Byerly

The series that changed the look of modern wakeboards from the rider you would expect it from. The Byerly series is a classic feel of an abrupt snap off the wake to a controlled tight feel on the water. Scott continues to bring an innovative vision to wakeboarding on the water and in the shaping room.


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