Hyperlite Belmont 136 Biolite 2003

The pursuit of a fast yet smooth, mellow, and forgiving ride. For the last seven years I've been designing boards with Hyperlite with these thoughts in mind.
I prefer a board with a simple bottom design, because I feel this makes it glide more on the water. This design lets the work of the fins and the skill of the rider make the difference on my freeride shape. Over the years I have tried all types of rocker lines, and for this year I have the truest rocker for the freeride feel. I know exactly how my board is going to release for big tricks out into the flats and technical wake-to-wake moves.

Catch you on the Backyard Tour,
Shaun Murray

The name Belmont is synonymous with innovative mellow trasitioned turns and a smooth snap every time. Hyperlite's most evolved freeride shape varies in style depending on the fin set up. The Belmont is the cornerstone of our high-end shapes.