Malibu - Wakesetter V-LX -- 2000

Manufacturer's comments:
Wakesetter V-LX comes standard with locking board storage, interior lighting, 5inch servo gauges for better visibility, zero-friction throttle cable and IRT (instant response technology).
Length: 21 ft.
Beam: 93 in.
Fuel capacity: 35 gal.
Rated load capacity: 1,475 lb.
Seating capacity (actual people): 9
Dry weight: 2,900 lb.
Ballast tank: yes (MLF 500 lb.)
Platform: 67 in. (w) x 19 in. (l)
Prop: 14 x 18 four-blade OJ
Base engine: Monsoon 325 multiport
Engine options: Hammerhead 365, Corvette LS1
Options: various JVC stereos, amps and subwoofers, ECI tower, heater, shower, and MLS, Malibu Launch System (center mass, 500-lb. ballast tank).
Top speed: 46.3
MSRP on base boat: See local dealer