GB Boards Drew McGuckin 41 2007

I would say my new board, a 41 inch wood wakeskate by Gatorboards is way better then last years #1 board on the market. That board was the Drew McGuckin 41 from Gatorboards. So if you want the baddest wakeskate on the planet you better go to the store and buy two!! I made last years model a half-inch wider all the way through for better wake to wake stuff, because I hear that wake to wake stuff is what everybody wants to see. Back to my board, I also totally changed the concave throughout the top deck. I brought the side concave all the way to meet the kick of the tail and nose. I also made the tip and tail more blunt to add more top deck to stand on, more surface area if you will. My new board also comes with clear grip tape, my own personal touch. The grip will not come on the deck. That way kids can draw their own graphics for the top or put their favorite stickers on, then put the grip over them. There will be holes for 6 fins. Nose and tail sliding fins and your traditional center fin. The sliding fins come with the board so you get everything in one shot from your local board shop. This board also comes programmed to do all the baddest flip tricks you can stand, all you have to do is go buy one. – Drew McGuckin -