GB Boards Caddy 135 2007

With an all new design and two different sizes, the Caddy is still turning heads. If you want the all-around versatility of the world renowned Cadillac, built with the finest materials available, the Caddy is the choice. We re-engineered the construction by maximizing the fiberglass for optimal strength-to-weight ratio that does not sacrifice durability, stiffness or response. The ribbed tip rails have a longitudinal snap for a livening ride that is aggressive enough for riders who want to ollie higher and ride harder. We upgraded the final glass finish providing the smoothest, clearest graphics anywhere. From the wake to rails to parks and pipes, the Caddy can do it all.

Proving that the best never rest, we refined the '07 Caddy with additional directional fiberglass. We incorporated a single-to-double-and-back-to-single center channel. Deeper exit channels mean additional stability while on edge.