CWB Absolute 140 2003

The most innovative design in board shaping to date. Using a testing process exclusive to CWB we were able to test, design and tweak a whole new shape that rides better, pops higher, tracks truer and lands softer than anything on the wakeboard market.
Testing began using a multitude of different styles of riders, some more traditional and many were of the progressive "loose" style of riders. The result is a board that can be ridden with or without a center fin. Using the center fin is good for the hard cutting rider who likes the security of a center fin. Riding the board without the center fin is for the rider likes the looser feel, more like a snowboard type of feel. It allows the riders to spin faster and sooner off the wake and sometimes cheat on landing to make the sick tricks.

The dished out top shape reduces board weight while providing stuctural strength. The new rocker pattern helps give the board more pop and is light off the wake.