CWB Board Co. Faction 2009

Returning for 2009, the Faction is the shape that continues to improve year after year.  CWB wanted to create a unique core brand for those who want to make a mark in their local scene with the Faction series.  Always using the latest fashion trends and colors, the Faction for 2009 definitely follows those guidelines.  Purple you ask?  Just you wait.  The Faction board is the fastest board in CWB's line.  Using a continuous rocker pattern and a completely smooth bottom, there is nothing to hold it back.  The optional four aluminum fins will add a bite to your edge like none other, and the center spine will provide a soft cushion when landing.  Designed for rail or wake charging, the Faction is constructed with a stiffer lay-up, creating that much-needed snap off the wake.  This is a deck that can press a rail, or hammer a back seven.