CWB Board Co. Transcend 138 2007

A complete overhaul for '07. The Transcend has always been a finicky shape reserved for those who are comfortable with their edge and enjoy the hardest wake-to-wake buck out there. The first deck to go beyond 3” of rocker, it has a strong following from those who love a smooth, consistent hard pop. With that tremendous rocker comes a sacrifice of speed. For '07 Andrew determined we should scale back the rocker to approximately 3.02”. We also added twin tunnels off the tip and tail, beefed up the center spine and created a fin system that can add a bit of traction, but not totally change the ride. This new industry-first fin system allows the rider a choice. Choose the 5” molded fins for a loose ride, or bolt on a 2.5” fin extension for 7.5” of fin. This shape gives you the ability to only put the extension on your switch toe edge adding a little more bite or add bite to your heel edge for hard edging. It also adopted the CWB-innovated center spine to break up landings as well as extensive smooth top shaping for a tip and tail diet program to trim off some weight. Andrew has spent even more time on the podium this year with this new board. He loves it, we love it, he loves Taco Bell. Good times.