CWB Board Co. Torq 2007

The one that started it all. In 06 we rocked the world with the best boot innovation ever to hit the wake. The first and only step in system that made your day effortless, the learning process easier and the in-water experience better. The Torq with Hinge Tech (patent pending) became the best selling boot for a reason. It works. Great fit, great look and a price that makes many ask “Are you sure?” As we all know the hardest part of wakeboarding is putting your boots on and taking them off. Climbing back on the swim platform to get back in your boots, etc. The introduction of Hinge Tech changed everything meaning those days are over. Also allowing feet the size of a Yugo to fit into a pair of boots comfortably for their first riding experience. Try on a pair, you will simply be amazed.