CWB Board Co. Marius 134 2007

Width is the best thing to hit wakeboarding if done right. Trevor did it right. Trevor rides with a style that makes his riding look effortless. Coasting into the wake and boosting a Method back five eight feet skyward. The question is how can he get so high with such little edge? Width my friend. Lay your eyes on the Marius and the first thing you will see is that it is the widest board ever. This extra width means mucho surface area which translates into lift, soft landings and great room for stickers. Wide boards are historically harder to edge which is why most on the market are short wide boards The brilliant minds at CWB developed V-Tech to enable the first fully functioning wide, long board on the market. This deep V means rocker at the corner is nearly 3", but in the middle it is almost an inch lower. The V-Tech makes the long wide board switch edges incredibly fast, turning like a long narrow board. Gone are the days of sacrificing pop when edging hard. With V-Tech and the massive real estate packed into the Marius, bring on the pop!