CWB Board Co. Faction 144 2007

A board designed around the movement. A free shape with a clean message, no confusion. As smooth and fine as your best slaysh. A shape to teach you the correct way to edge. A shape that gives you options. A shape that is money on the rails, fun behind the boat, but not a noodle off the wake. A shape that shows you’ve got skills. Delivered as a four-fin board, the Faction has a hard edge side to it. When on edge the outside fins bite hard locking you in, jetting you forward. Remove those fins and experience a free ride like you’ve never felt. Boasting a center spine and small edge channels this shape covers all the bases. Banging big continuous rocker, the forgiving flex of the Xtrans core and a top shape to build stiffness. Faction is a great board for all aspects of your sesh. Try the Faction. Not only will you be riding a board with meaning, you will be riding as a part of something much needed in wake. Partner the board with the boots...vest…handle…rope. The Faction is the movement for '07. Be a part of it.