CWB Board Co. Absolute 135 2007

When our boy Zane (a.k.a. The Godfather) sat down five years ago with CWB board designers to create a shape that worked for intermediate to high end riders, he had no clue it would turn into the most talked about, most copied and most rider-friendly pro deck in the industry. Five years later, with some fine tuning and tweaks along the way, it is our flagship shape. A board we know you can put anyone on and see a smile immediately. We injected our new Pcore into the heart of the Absolute giving it Xflex. Boasting the thinnest and lightest tip and tail out there we added extra glass creating a ridiculous amount of snap as well as speed. The Absolute was the first wakeboard to grow a center spine. The Absolute was also the first board to utilize small molded fins on the outside edges to give you a locked-in rail like no other. The Absolute was the first board to utilize extensive top shaping, adding strength, while reducing weight. Almost every board on the market now has adopted each of these CWB innovations. The long base fins are slightly angled, while cupped rails and a dropped down edge grace the bottom. This provides a speed building edge that no other board can emulate. A fun, fast, edge-changing ride with a ticket for speed when dumped on edge. Once again the best selling deck just got better. See what Xflex can do for your sesh. It made the Godfather better, now it is your turn.