CWB Board Co. Pure 2006

Free, simple, sheer, faultless, perfect. In a nutshell that is the Pure. In ’06 we give you a choice between a deep, rich, glossy, jet black version with a chrome stamp or a pearly silver version with a chrome emblem. Based off the Absolute shape and available with several different boot options, the Pure delivers an incredible easy-to-progress ride. Check this deck out with the new Torq boots, that will be enough to make you think it is time for a new Pure package. A charging rocker pattern, long base molded fins and small rail fins, this board will lock and hold and edge that will make the most seasoned pro hold on for dear life. Another CWB innovation, the rail fins keep the Pure locked and loaded. The extensive top shaping results in a lighter weight stronger board. A simple smooth graphic, a winner shape, a solid flex and a blingin graphic… your package shopping stops here. (also available in a silver top version)