CWB Board Co. Marius 140 2006

The most innovative shape to hit wakeboarding… ever. Trevor is the kind of rider that knows what he wants out of a board. When Trevor and CWB’s head engineer Doug Cannon sat down to brainstorm, they both came to the same conclusion. They wanted a shape that would ride like nothing else out there, and would stand out on the shelf in the overcrowded sea of pro boards. After 18 months of testing we deliver the Marius. This board is by far the widest in the industry. To create a super wide board that was fast and nimble was not an easy task. What we developed is V-Tech technology. The tip and tail of the board are shaped like a v-bottom boat. The board rocker at the center point is 2” at the corner it is 3”. This allows the board to roll from edge to edge extremely fast. The variable rocker pattern means the Marius will build and hold speed better than any board in our fleet. Having a different rocker depth on the edge of the board than the center allows for different snap characteristics off the wake.