CWB Board Co. Flame 141 2006

For 2006 the Flame series is getting wet. Again we contacted of Jesse James / Monster Garage fame who is just down the street from the CWB factory. Mike Lavallee at Killerpaint graced the top sheets of our Flame with his airbrush expertise. The result is incredible. The mixture of the wet look combined with the true fire is so real it makes you want to touch it. To match the one of a kind graphics we have created a shape that will deliver a one of a kind ride. Derived from an Absolute mold of past, the Flame simply put is: a pro board at an intermediate price. The Flame is a fast board with a smooth ride, quick turns, better edging control, a clean snap off the wake and huge center spine that delivers butter landings. What more can you ask for from your intermediate package? You are getting one of the most respected shapes in the industry, paired up with a couple of boots for a rockin’ price. Is there anything better?