Byerly Boards Legacy 56 2007

Six years ago Butch shaped Scott’s first board in the Hyperlite line. It was a shape that paved the way for 3-stage rocker and numerous other features. Today Butch’s latest creation combines everything he has learned from past shapes into a board a brand is built on. The Legacy starts with a blended 3-stage rocker to produce that famous Byerly pop, but with a more controlled feeling off the wake. Molded-in ABS fins allow for a quick responsive ride all the way through the release, while proving indestructible on sliders and fun boxes. A defined belly channel for super soft landings finishes off the inaugural board of the Byerly line.


• Shaped by Scott Bouchard

• 2.6” Blended 3 Stage Rocker for all the pop without the pain

• Hard Core ABS Molded Fins

• Center belly channel to break up landings

• Synthetic Leather Top Sheet

• Aluminum Byerly Badge


• 2 - .85” Byerly Blunt