Svfara Marine Inc.

With a mission to be “a world-class leader in the tournament boat industry,” Svfara is reaching out far beyond its Canadian roots. Svfara’s sales have increased over 40% each year since its inception, and the company continues to experience high levels of growth. While the 5-year-old company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with a factory in British Columbia, the designs are influenced by European luxury cars and a team of engineers and marine architects from Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, and markets are opening up from Sweden to Japan. In Japan, Svfara is the second highest selling tournament boat in that country with only two years of distribution there. Still, Canada’s first and only manufacturer of tournament tow boats keeps its focus on each individual boat. In addition to the multisport SV609, Svfara has recently launched its second tournament tow boat model, the wakeboarding and wakesurfing-specific SV696. Svfara strives to make its mark by exceeding customer expectations for design, performance and service, so every wood-free model is built one at a time rather than mass-produced. Quality control is meticulous throughout the assembly process, including hardness tests on the hand-laid fiberglass at each stage.The ultimate goal is to create a contemporary, luxurious boat, yet the price is reined in thanks to Canada’s lower manufacturing costs and a good exchange rate. That’s something any boat buyer can appreciate, no matter the country.

The SVFARA Story

The SVFARA Marine team is driven by a passion for watersports and quality boatmanufacturing. Our team is comprised of individuals who share a common dream: to build a line of world-class quality tournament tow boats. We have recognized the need for a performance tow boat which exemplifies a world class quality product on the surface and throughout each component.


The Advent of SVFARA Marine
The Svfara name is derived from the Italian word “Sfera”, meaning “global”. It signifies an organization with opportunities and business pursuits in an international marketplace. The commitment of SVFARA Marine to earn and maintain a position as a world-class boat manufacturer is evident in our products and service. The organization will reach to all corners of the globe in search of the most current technological advances in fiberglass products and components, marine engineering, and architectural design and innovation.

SVFARA’s Mission Statement
Svfara Marine will be a world-class leader in the tournament boat industry by consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers in the areas of design, performance and service. Our passion for unparalleled product quality and innovative design technology will enable us to offer the most contemporary and luxurious handcrafted tournament boats in the industry.

The SVFARA Difference
The Svfara difference extends from the appearance and performance of our products to the underlying principles of developing a quality product. Our team pays special attention to the design and construction process and will not compromise the quality of our product. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction,each SVFARA customer will own a quality product that meets or exceeds all industry performance standards.


SVFARA Performance
Svfara Marine is dedicated to providing the ultimate tow boat package that will meet the most demanding requirements of precision and handling. SVFARA’s innovative hull design delivers performance, tight tracking, and swift, smooth acceleration at all levels of use.

SVFARA Engineering and Design
Svfara Marine has drawn from the expertise of a team of engineers and marine architects from Canada, New Zealand and Singapore. Our boats are designed with the most current CADD systems, which allows us to alter designs, apply changes and test new designs very quickly. We are also able to apply multiple alterations simultaneously, which presents a variety of possible solutions during the streamlining of our designs. Our plugs are cut on the most advanced 5-axis routers to ensure the most accurate and precise mould production. This precision transfers into ach and every boat we build. The interiors of our boats are assembled with a keen eye for detail, luxury and superior finish. Our interior molded gunnel systems are unique to the marine industry and add to the high-end automotive tyle of SVFARA’s line.

SVFARA Construction
Our boats feature a hull, floor and stringer system joined together to become an integral structure. This innovative design, which is completely free of any wood fiber, maximizes the strength and durability available in performance tow boats. The hull is completely poured with closed cell flotation foam that ensures a safer and quieter ride. The deck and hull are joined by a shoebox fit hat is screwed and riveted every six inches. Marine Grade Sikaflex is also used around the entire joint to eliminate leaks and provide additional strength.


SVFARA Marine boats are completely hand-laid to guarantee consistent thickness and weight throughout each unit constructed. The body of each boat is layered with the best multi-directional fiberglass wrovings and fiberglass mats. Coremat is also laminated throughout the hull and deck. Every hand-laid layer of fiberglass is barcol tested to ensure a complete cure before progressing to the next manufacturing step.

SVFARA Testing
Each and every boat is water tested to ensure all components are operating properly prior to final cleaning and shipping.

SVFARA Certification
Svfara Marine boats must meet or exceed Canada Coast Guard and Common European (CE) standards. The CE standards exceed the requirements of the United States Coast Guard (USG). Svfara Marine products have also met the requirements and have been certified by the International Marine Certifications Institute (IMCI). Our organization is also a member in good standing with the Canadian Marine Manufacturer’s Association (CMMA).


ISO 9001:2000
Quality control and the ultimate in service standards are achieved by the implementation of a quality management system. Svfara Marine is an ISO 9001:2000 registered organization. This official standing will ensure that Svfara Marine’s processes meet internationally accepted standard operating procedures and adhere to quality control. This ensures the best possible final product for our customers.


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