Ski Sanger Boats

Many aspire to greatness, but few possess the skills, dedication, and ethics required to achieve it. While others compromise for the sake of expediency or budget constraints, Sanger is the only inboard boat builder that maintains the rigid standards and single-minded dedication required to create the world's finest ski boats. While others focus only on select elements of a ski boat's towing characteristics, Sanger believes that the true measure of an inboard design lies in its ability to excel across a broad spectrum of performance criteria. That is why our boats not only provide well-shaped wakes for every watersport discipline from barefooting to slalom to wake-boarding, but also deliver higher top speeds, a better rough water ride, crisper handling and greater seating and storage capacity than any inboard on the market. Check the facts: In independent tests, Sanger inboards consistently reach speeds in excess of 50 mph, and have posted some of the fastest acceleration numbers, handling course times and top speeds ever recorded for an inboard towboat. Our V-bottom hulls run comfortably in water conditions that would shut down many "tournament style" inboards, and WaterSki magazine's test team has repeatedly awarded Sanger top marks for tracking, driving ease, and rough water ride. The results speak for themselves in a way no amount of corporate marketing pushes or celebrity endorsements can. Sanger boats have long enjoyed the highest degree of customer satisfaction in the inboard market, and hold their value like no other ski boat.