Rinker Boats

Since 1945, the Rinker family has been designing, testing, refining, constructing (let's not forget enjoying) some of the best boats on the water. For many boat manufacturers building boats is simply a way to make a living. For the Rinker family, it's a way of life. Buying a boat isn't any small decision. We understand. It's a matter of finding a boat that matches you and your family. Are you looking for a power-packed cruiser with a full galley that sleeps six? Or, is a fun-filled runabout more your speed? From our Fiesta Vee 342 to our 180 Bowrider, we strive to make every Rinker the perfect balance of performance, comfort and style. What else do you look for in a boat? Features, of course. That's why across our entire fleet, Rinker gives you more standard features than any other manufacturer in the industry. From the deck to the cockpit to the power packages, you'll be amazed at how much Rinker has to offer. After all, Rinker is one of the few remaining family owned boat companies in the world, so our name and our reputation goes into every single boat we sell. From our family to yours, we thank you for considering Rinker. Because whether you're skiing, swimming, cruising or just spending a lazy day in the sun, time on a Rinker is well spent!

BUILDING BETTER BOATS ISN'T OUR JOB, IT'S OUR PASSION. When we're not designing and building boats, we're out enjoying them.So it only makes sense that we would always be looking for ways to make your boating experience (and ours) even better. Whether it's a simple,yet useful,feature or it's a totally redesigned cockpit, Rinker prides itself on pushing the envelope long before we even hit the water. A solid foundation. Rinker's tried-and-true hull designs stand the test of time and utilize the same construction process as much more expensive boats. The lengthy design process uses the most advanced technology, combined with laborious hand work on full-scale mock-ups. The end result is a boat that delivers the best ride, highest safety and unmatched performance. A prime cut. Rinker's advanced, computer-aided cutting system, known as the GERBERcutter, cuts fabric, upholstery and carpeting with the utmost precision. The GERBERcutter handles complex shapes with ease, and helps eliminate waste. Polymer Construction. Rinker utilizes roto-cast polymer seat bases for all bucket and helm seats. This means your Rinker seating will remain strong and trouble-free for the life of the boat One stitch at a time. Rinker takes pride in its expert upholstery, all sewn in its factory. High quality and uniformity are paramount concerns, so all upholstery is carefully checked at every stage. Hand-fit for qualitys sake. Rinkers technicians carefully hand-fit all upholstery, both cockpit and cabin. Pre-shaped foam components are positioned to maximize comfort. Precision parts. Rinker uses a computer-aided router that cuts stringers, cabinetry components and other parts with the utmost accuracy and precision. Accurate to within 1/1000th of an inch, the router ensures that parts fit together perfectly every time. Strong, yet lightweight. Rinker designers and engineers seek to maximize your boat's strength to weight ratio. Multiple layers of woven fiberglass are layered with custom-blended resins in a carefully prescribed lamination schedule which varies for each model. Each layer is hand-rolled to eliminate air pockets and achieve a strong, yet lightweight structure. Quiet, please. We build in acoustical foam lining on most Rinker hatch covers to keep on-board noise to a minimum. A quieter cockpit means more pleasure for captain and crew. Sealed with a bond. To join the deck and hull, Rinker uses a specialized bonding process that results in an incredibly durable, unitized structure. In fact, the chemical bond can not be broken, making that joint stronger than any laminated joint. A great finish. Because we use the highest quality gelcoat, your new Rinker will resist the elements and retain its showroom shine. But the finished product is only as good as the mold itself. Rinker technicians spend hours maintaining the perfect surface of deck and hull molds, ensuring a defect-free, gleaming exterior. The final test. Every Rinker boat must pass a rigorous quality assurance test and inspection performed by skilled technicians. Because we are boaters ourselves, we look at every boat through the critical eye of the consumer. No boat passes our inspection unless we would be happy to call it our own. The Rinker family has been designing, building and enjoying award-winning boats for more than 55 years.