July 16, 2009

Moomba – The Ultimate Ride… Moomba is committed to providing the highest quality products at prices that are both reasonable and unexpected. WaterSki Magazine said it best when they stated “clearly Moomba is in the business of delivering great boats at great prices!” Nowhere in the definition of value does it say to cut corners to achieve that value, nor does Moomba. Our focus will always be to deliver the “Best” regardless of cost. Sure you could pay more. But now you don’t have to. No boating company has scored a higher reputation for quality as fast as Moomba. After all, who would have thought a high performance boat like this, featured in the Caf’e Columbia Water Ski Tour could be such a great value? We’re shaking up the “norm”. Since 1992 our ski boats have been out-performing established boating lines costing up to twice as much money as Moomba. And the word’s getting around. Skiing enthusiasts and professionals alike are taking a good look, getting a great ride, and buying a Moomba….

SKIER’S CHOICE SUPRA AND MOOMBA MANUFACTURER PROFILE History The history behind the name “Skier’s Choice” is a brief one. But the history behind its brands, Supra and Moomba, is much more impressive. Supra has been in continuous production since 1981. That’s the third oldest and longest-running brand in the ski boat industry. Since that time various parent companies have owned and run the brand. The current, modern incarnation of Supra began in 1995 when Rick Tinker and other executives from neighboring powerhouse, MasterCraft, took over the Supra operations. “I had a real passion to get back into the boat business,” Tinker recalls. “The opportunity came along where Supra had been acquired by a group of people who didn’t have the water-sports experience, so a group of us from MasterCraft got involved and starting applying what we had learned. I had a great experience at MasterCraft and to get an opportunity to reapply what I learned there, to Supra, was great. It’s a lot of fun if you have the chance to do something over again and try to avoid the little pitfalls you had before.” Tinker and his group liked the fact that Supra/Moomba was two brands. He knew he wanted to keep the Supra product and image as high-end as possible as they had with MasterCraft, but with Moomba they had a chance to go in a whole different direction. “We tried to provide a different price point that we couldn’t offer previously. Our overhead is low here so we had an opportunity to build a quality boat at a value price.” In 1999, management completed its buyout of the company from United Marine of Tennessee, changed the name to Skier’s Choice and began the company’s turnaround which now ranks as the fourth-largest ski boat manufacturer. Today, Supra and Moomba have slightly different missions, but one couldn’t succeed without the other. Moomba aims to provide high-quality products for the water-sports market at a reasonable price. Supra is geared at providing high-quality products with exceptional features to deliver industry-leading luxury and performance. As both brands are built in the same factory along the same exact production lines, Moomba benefits from Supra absorbing the costs of R and D, while Supra benefits from Moomba increasing the volume of the plant, thereby holding down overall costs. All boats are priced with a long list of standard conveniences as well as top-of-the-line trailers, but what Tinker is most proud of is the way the factory works. “This is a family. I know most everyone here by first name. Most people have been here three or four years. There are jobs that pay more money around here, but people take a lot of pride building something in East Tennessee that is delivered world-wide.” He says he notices the pride employees have when they see the completed, beautiful boats they build. “Our employees have a passion to build a competitive product that competes with anything out there,” he notes with satisfaction. construction Take a stroll through the Supra-Moomba factory and you’d never know two different lines of boats were coming through. Each step of the base production methods is identical. In fact, President Rick Tinker says that workers have a tough time telling the difference between brands until the interior work begins. Tinker admits he could use cheaper materials in the lower-priced Moomba line, but that would mean disruptions of the work flow to change resins, materials and methods, probably creating more problems than savings. So, while pursuing building the best Supra boat possible, Moomba is getting a free ride and, because of that, breaks some price barriers such as producing a full-featured V-drive wakeboard boat for under $30,000. Starting from the outside, both Supra and Moombas use Cook Composite NPG ISO Armour Flex gelcoat sprayed to an average thickness of 20 mils. This thickness, according to Supra, maximizes blister resistance, but minimizes cracking. Both brands are built with 100-percent hand-laid glass. A combination of 1-1/2 ounce multi-directional mat is used in the skin and between other layers to bond different materials together. An 18-ounce woven roving fiberglass, a 17-ounce bi-axial and 35-ounce quad-axial knits are all used in various combinations. Ashland Chemical AME 5000 and Ashland DCPD blend are both used in the lamination process. The 5000 is used for strength and extra blister resistance, while the blend gives what Skier’s Choice says are cosmetic advantages, strength and ease of manufacturing. A Magnum Industries ceramic shield barrier coat is applied after the skin layer to add stiffness, aid in crack prevention and eliminate print-through. The stringer system is bonded to the floor with a polyester adhesive, then glassed together. That assembly is then mechanically and chemically fastened together while still in the steel-reinforced hull mold. All floors are built with a sandwich layer of glass and 1/2-inch Divinycell, creating a strong floor that also aids in sound dampening. Closed cell urethane foam is then injected under the floors and stringers to provide strength, Coast Guard-approved flotation and sound dampening. A unique feature in the floor system is the air tunnels that are built into the stringers instead of attached externally. Skier’s Choice goes to extreme measures to ensure proper motor mounts and ski bar reinforcements. These areas are backed with a 1-1/2-inch sandwich composite reinforcement consisting of two layers of PVC board with a layer of HDPE in the center. The PVC exterior bonds to fiberglass while the HDPE provides screw retention for engine lag bolts. This composite reinforcement also aids in vibration dampening. This reinforcement structure comes in the form of continuous support beams in the stringer system, which joins the motor mounts and ski bar mounts together. Hulls and decks are joined using a shoebox assembly where the deck fits onto and over the hull and is attached using about 200 screws spaced less than three inches apart. The stainless steel screws all go into an HDPE backing for strength. All holes cut or drilled into the boat are exactly replicated in each model by the use of intricate jigs to ensure a perfect fit. All boats go through an intensive water testing and multi-point checklist before being detailed and shrink-wrapped to the dealer. Skier’s Choice uses Indmar engines, allowing Indmar to design, engineer, build, test and support the engines of both lines. As opposed to Skier’s Choice trying to set parameters for Indmar, they allow Indmar do what they specialize in doing – designing and building marine engines. The base engine for Moombas is the Indmar 310 Assault 5.7L 310-hp. Normally aspirated engine with GM Vortex heads, and a 1:1 Hurth transmission on the direct- drives and a 1.46:1 on the V-drives. Supras come stock with Indmar’s 320 Assault 5.7L V-8 with 320-hp that features a double fuel pump system. The showpiece engine is Indmar’s 330 Assa

ult generating 330-hp, MPI. This engine is dressed up with a red anodized air intake, aluminum billet pulleys, K&N air filter and high-performance matching red spark plug wires. All boats are available with a Kenwood 500 watt amp and 8″ Kenwood subwoofers and Wake Designs Tubbies tower speakers, Perfect Pass in Wakeboard Pro or Digital Pro. All trailers are custom made, match the color of your boat, come standard with torsion axles and bolt on fenders on both the Moomba and Supra lines. Supra trailers also come standard with a Boat Buddy and stainless fenders. components GELCOATS: Cook Composite sprayed to 20 mils. RESINS: Ashland AME 5000 and DCPD. BULK LAMINATES: 18-oz woven roving, 17-oz. biaxial and 35-oz. quadaxial. REINFORCEMENT: HDPE or PVC board. MOTOR MOUNTS: 1-1/2″ sandwich composite. FLOORS: Glass and 1/2″ Divinycell sandwich. STRINGERS: Foam-filled fiberlgass. ASSEMBLY: Shoebox with stainless steel screws into HDPE backing. DRIVE TRAIN: 1/1/16: or 1″ Aquamet 17 shaft manufacturered to SAE standards. Custom-designed strut mounted to the boat using six 3/8″ stainless- steel bolts. Choice of either Johnson, OJ Legend or Cutter Stainless props. CONTROLS: Both lines use Teleflex TFXtreme control cables and shifter. STEERING WHEEL: Wood-grain. GAUGES: Supra boats use a full assortment of Faria guages including tach, fuel, oil, temp, volt, hour meter, depth finder and dual tournament speedometers. Speedos are driven by a perfect pass-compatible mid-hull electronic paddlewheel. Moomba uses the Beede gauges. CARPET: Supra uses 40-ounce Platinum Elite and Moomba uses 28-ounce. Platinum Plus marine carpet from Syntec Industries. UPHOLSTERY: 34-oz. G & T with 3/16″ foam backs. Multi-density, chemically treated Q-61 foam. key features Skier’s Choices’ most vital boating amenities. UNDERWATER GEAR Shafts are made of Aquamet 17. V-Drives use 1-1/16″ diameter shafts and straight inboards use 1″ diameter. Both brands use custom-designed struts for the boat’s specific angle needs and incorporate water lubricated cutlass bearings. Struts are mounted to the boat using six 3/8″ stainless-steel bolts. Buyers have the option of Johnson Propeller, OJ Legend Series or Cutter Stainless Series. DASH Moomba dashes feature a clean, functional wrap-around design with full tournament instrumentation such as dual BeeDe speedos driven by a mid-hull electronic paddleweheel that works with Perfect Pass. Supra’s dash includes many standard features such as a Kenwood CD stereo, Teleflex tilt steering, a Momo performance steering wheel, and Faria gauges, including depth finder, dual tournament speedos and a digital multi-function gauge. UPHOLSTERY AND CARPET Skier’s Choice uses the best vinyls available from G & T. Base color vinyls are 34-oz with an 18-mil topcoat Samsom SRT. 3/16″ foam backing provides memory and wear resistance. Every seam is double-stitched with UV and UVA resistant nylon thread. Seat bottoms are a dual ply. All foams are chemically treated. Supras use a plush 40-oz Olefin carpet. Moomba’s use the same carpets in a lighter 28-oz weight. BALLAST SYSTEM The Optional Bertha Ballast system is available in the direct-drive boats. It consists of front and back independently controlled ballast bags for maximum flexibility and storage. When filled the front and rear storage each holds 400 pounds. When empty, they allow full storage in the ballast compartments. V-drives utilize the optional Hippo Ballast System, which allows for three independently controlled bags that can be customized to any size. COMFORT Supra and Moomba have innovative seating and storage configurations. Most notable is the bow area seating, which in conjunction with the Double-Up walk-through that provides an extra forward facing seat in the bow and an extra observer’s seat. It also offers boats with innovative rear walk-throughs. customer service An interview with Rick Tinker, Owner, Skier’s Choice Boats What is customer service to Skier’s Choice? How does Supra/Moomba’s customer service work? It’s a combination of input from the dealers and the factory. We try to involve the factory where need be. A lot of people call the factory direct. We’re not such a big company, none of the boat companies really are, but we have dealers worldwide. We try to have the customers deal with the dealer because they can see the boats and they can see what’s involved. Having the dealer first-hand look at the boat is critical. They may call here for a technical standpoint if there is something they aren’t sure of, but it’s always best to start with a personal touch. The factory is here for support. We do two service training sessions with our dealers every year to keep them as close and up to date with the factory as possible. We want the inside knowledge from the factory to get to the dealers as much as possible. We have an 800 number that comes straight to our receptionist. If the customer wants information on the boat the call will go to someone in our sales department-there are four or five people there who are very qualified and will take the necessary time to answer all of their questions. We would then reference them to a dealer if they wanted to see the boat in person-or invite them to the factory-we’re always happy to do that. If they buy a boat, we have procedures that we take a lot of pride in. When we get warranty cards in from the dealer, we send out a personalized thank you letter and a survey to the customer. By the time we get the survey back, the customer usually has had the boat for about 20 hours. We then follow up with a call to talk to them about how they like their boat and to see if there’s anything we can do to make their experience better. If there was something noted in the survey, we immediately get them in touch with the dealer and satisfy the issue. For servicing the dealer, we have extended hours depending on the season. From a service standpoint, one of the things we pride ourselves on is the speed our dealers receive the parts from us. Of course, we have a stocking requirement where they keep commonly used parts. A lot of manufacturers require certain procedures before they ship out a part. We trust our dealers and ship immediately, then process the procedures on the back end. warranty SUPRA and MOOMBA Provides all of its dealers with a warranty repair manual specific to its boats. This helps to ensure that if something is repaired or replaced it will be done quickly and reliably and match the original look and function of your boat. Extended Warranty: See your local dealer for details. Transferability: If you decide to sell your Supra within the first two years the lifetime warranty against structural defects to the hull, deck and stringer is transferable from the original owner without a fee. Transactions need to be done through an authorized Supra dealer. Read specific warranty for details. STANDARD WARRANTY COVERAGE • Deck/Hull/Stringer Lifetime • Gelcoat 12 months • Engine/Drive Train 3 years • Components 2 years • Instrumentation Lifetime • Upholstery 3 years • Carpet 5 years • Labor Shop Rate dealer network Who gets to be a Supra/Moomba dealer and how do you qualify your dealers? Normally, we get inquiries and we have a sales manager visit the dealer. We require certain things like a storefront, certain hours and service. A salesman goes into a dealer and evaluates the entire market to decide who would be the best representative for our product. We have requirements as to a dealer’s ability to do service, stock parts and go to schools for training. We give the dealers incentives for attending service school, so they will get the highest possible warranty rate. The most successful dealers are the ones who have a real passion for the sport, so we don’t always look for the biggest dealer in town. We want the guy who is specialized. What type of training are the dealers required to go through? They have one week of intensive sales a


nd service t

raining every year at the factory. Then we have an additional week of training on just the engines alone. So that’s two weeks of required training every year. Their labor rate is based on how well they are trained. We also do training in the field with our dealers. We have service reps that go out in the field, plus we always have our sales managers visiting our dealers as well. But we like to get them here as a group, because they get a lot of feedback from other dealers and good interplay of knowledge. Post-sale policies The dealers are independent and we strongly recommend each dealer to take the buyer to the lake with the boat purchased and show them the operation of the boat. There are factory checklists such as the pre-delivery inspection, which is a 300- to 400-point inspection making sure everything is perfect for the customer before they get the boat. There’s also a customer information sheet, which goes over things like trailering, water maintenance and so on. Of course, we can’t enforce it, but we encourage it and provide all kinds of paperwork to make it as easy as possible for the dealer to perform. There’s a 20-hour check-up, which has a list of items the dealer goes over. Do your dealers perform engine repairs? Yes, to become a Supra/Moomba dealer you must become a certified Indmar repair facility. Indmar offers all the training.


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